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Have you ever listened to a presenter so hard, but within minutes after the presentation, you found it difficult to remember what he said?

Whether you’re taking down notes during seminars, a college student, or a consistent member of the Board of director’s conferences, note-taking is a very effective skill that will enhance your creativity and make you a fast-paced individual among others.

Note-taking is a workmate and catalyst to the brain that can help you learn new ideas faster, retain concepts, and share information excellently.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. …

“I thought the mushroom cloud had followed me from Hiroshima” — Tsutomu Yamaguchi

We could say that this man was one of the luckiest on the planet. Having survived the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II that killed over 80,000 people instantly and another 60,000 Japanese citizens in the months that followed.

Some 260,000 people survived the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But having witnessed at close hand the nuclear devastation of two Japanese cities, the engineer became the only officially recognized double-survivor that lived on years later to tell the tale.

On August 9, 1945, an American Boeing B-29 Superfortress nicknamed “Bockscar” piloted by Major…

Seeing the workers’ demand wages that they worked for was an abomination for the pharaoh

Like most civilizations, both past and present, there have been countless disagreements between parties as opinions and perspectives have always differed.

The most important cultural aspect of ancient Egypt due to their developed and high standard of living was harmony; known as Ma’at. Ma’at was the concept of universal, communal, and personal balance which permitted the flow of peace for the kingdoms to function as it should according to the will of the Egyptian gods.

The king’s primary objective was to be the custodian of Ma’at and maintain balance and equality among the people. Consequently, he needed to make sure…

Expand your business with better services

With most businesses looking for ways to increase growth and reliability, the need for cloud computing services is rising at all-time levels. With the pandemic, most teams are working remotely from the comfort of their location and this could cause panic in organizations that can’t find a way to effectively connect workers to collectively perform specific tasks.

Cloud phone systems are rapidly replacing the old bulky computing hardware because of their effectiveness and flexibility. Most cloud-based phone systems run on a super-fast connection that can attend to all your business needs.

These cloud-hosted PBX providers offer diverse features, some of…

The location was top secret

War comes with negativity and massive destructions, but if there’s one aspect war has helped humans evolved efficiently, it’s innovation. Every nation wants to conquer, and to do this you have to outsmart your opponents, you need to be one step ahead, and you need to think outside the war field.

There have been countless numbers of strategies used by nations all through WW I — WWII, but creating a replica of an entire city is just brilliant.

In Paris, there is a tradition of sounding spooky wails of an air raid siren which you can undoubtedly hear from anywhere…

Ruins of an ancient civilization?

The earth is filled with diverse mysterious creatures, sculptures, and even landscapes, some might term them as wonders of the world, while others see them as “accidents" — Things that came to be due to past human activities on the earth.

Take for example the Bermuda triangle. There is a category of people who agrees with the theory that says the point where the magnetic and true north are perfectly aligned, causes pilots and ship captains’ compass to malfunction, making their vessels lose control and veer out of plain sight.

Another category agrees that aliens and UFOs are responsible for…

Starting making better fitness plans to get results

So you’re ready to begin your journey to fitness but you don’t know exactly what you should do first. Or you have been committed to a specific exercise program but you aren’t seeing results. Whether you’re in category A or B, a personal trainer might be able to help you.

A lot of people have different goals, so people work with personal trainers for many reasons. …

4 simple tips to make your life better

We all get emotionally exhausted at one point in our lives. It’s typical to experience burnout from emotions due to the amount of negativity, stress, and hardship we constantly engage ourselves with. But the truth is burnouts reduce our productivity and ability to think, so when we take in an overdose of negative feelings there is a high risk of exhaustion and also a high risk of being unproductive at the diverse activities we involve in.

So let’s get it straight, emotions are the driving force of all life form, it controls the way we think, and handle decisions, therefore…

How to use this method to improve your learning

Over the years various methods of learning have surfaced — methods brought about by experts, researchers, and psychologists in the learning sphere. All these diverse methods are designed to make learning easier, interesting, and faster.

Learning might seem difficult, especially if it’s something new. For college students, the textbooks to be studied for a single academic year is quite voluminous to cover in a short period of time — I can relate.

My college life is basically 80% of intense study and 20% of extracurricular activities. …

The deception plan that led to success in Normandy

It’s interesting how strategy and top-secret planning plays a huge role in modern combat. The series of wars between nations and allies in the 1900s shocked the world and brought out the need for modernization — applying tactical approaches to outsmart the competition.

The chances of an unexpected invasion were very high throughout world war two. In 1942 German dictator Adolf Hitler ordered the construction of the 1,500-mile Atlantic Wall. The Wall was really a series of coastal defenses that ran from the Arctic Circle in Norway to the French-Spanish border.

With a leader like Hitler, you can bet he…

Derrick Harris

Life coach/positivity therapist and mental health advocate. Princeton. Learning and history fanatic. The ascent, Age of awareness, SkillupEd, PGSD.

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